High Pressure Drain Cleaner

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This high pressure drain cleaning guide will help you understand the terrific benefits of this plumbing technology and service. High pressure water jetting utilizes force pressurized water that is pulled through to clear drains by ripping apart blockage and flushing the remaining debris. The jet nozzle that provides the high pressure water jetting is powerful enough to scrub and clean the sides of drains and pipes in addition to clearing blockages making it a highly efficient drain clearing and cleaning system.

High pressure drain cleaning equipment is made up of professional, industrial grade components including a flexiblespartan hydro jetting equipment line which can pass through drain elbows and handle several thousand PSI. The jet nozzle which can use multiple back-firing jets to pull the line through the drain pipes and a forward firing jet which breaks apart the blockages. There are many types of jetter nozzles available to the professional plumbing contractor and each one does something a little different. Some are great for clearing grease and sludge others for cutting tree roots and even others that bang the inside of pipe to knock off stubborn grease and scale build-up.


obrienjetterHigh pressure drain cleaning systems are suitable for residential and commercial drains. For the service to be most effective it is important to discover the correct drain opening in order to access the source of the problem without having to pass through traps and tight drain elbows which could stop the jet nozzle from pulling forward.

Debris, grease, sand, and sludge are the usual suspects when it comes to drain line blockages. A high pressure drain cleaning syste

m can flush out the system by breaking up the debris and sludge, emulsifying the grease, penetrating hardened scale, and pulverizing minor tree roots if they are the problem. If your plumbing professional does determine that tree roots are the problem, a commercial hydrojetter is the only sure-fire way to rid yourself of the problem. Make sure that you follow up your drain cleaning with 6 month treatments of Root-X to ensure no new roots grow in the line. In the spring and winter tree roots grown and bore deep down for water so their tiny hairlike filaments and can grow very quickly blocking your sewer system.

High pressure drain cleaning is an environmentally safe, cost-effective, and highly efficient plumbing service to consider when it’s time to clean your sewer and drain pipes. It’s especially useful in restaurants and similar establishments that accumulate grease, sludge, debris, and mineral deposits in the drain lines. Scheduling regular sewer jetting service keeps your drains clean. In the long run, you are saving yourself a ton of money in major repair costs and you are guarding against significant revenue loss during the aforementioned repairs. If you don’t service the waste lines it’s not a matter of if it’s just a matter of when.

High pressure jetting is beneficial for home drain and sewer systems as well but it’s not a good idea to use it for older homes with ceramic and clay or wood composite drain pipes. Talk to your plumbing professional about your waste system. It may be necessary to video inspect the sewer line to assess it’s condition. We often say of the line is in such bad shape that jetting will destroy it its only a matter of time before it needs to be replaced. Although you may be able to get away with sewer rodding for a while it’s only a temporary fix.

You will find that high pressure water jetting drain cleaning systems are highly effective when used for gutter and landscaping drain lines, sewer drain lines that flow from your home or building to a septic tank or city sewer, and drain tile lines that are found around buildings. These systems can also effective for thawing frozen pipes and sewer drains as they are able to effectively clear the lines. Please be sure you have an open area when using a hydrojetter to clear ice. The amount of water produced by professional jetting equipment is pretty astounding. You will experience some flooding if the line takes some time to clear. The water backs up out of line until the blockage is clear.

When a professional is going to perform a high pressure drain cleaning service they will locate the main drain cleanout that is found in your basement or outside as well as the priority drain opening and another alternative opening to be on the safe side. They will plan to access the blockage typically from a downhill opening so they can work in an uphill direction as it is most effective.

By having a professional plumber use a high pressure drain cleaning system rather than a traditional drain cleaning method, efficient power is utilized which can scrub and clean the pipes as well as removed clogs and blockages. It takes less work than conventional methods such as a drain auger, or plumber’s snake, and is more affordable than using a drain snake of the same length. Overall, there are many benefits to using a high pressure drain cleaning so call your local plumber today.



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